Data To

Knowledge is the key insight to business value chain. Effective processing of available data from legacy format to usable knowledge format is key to empowering an organisation. At Jayatma this value is at the core of our processes. We have been empowering organisations by making data more meaningful.

Jayatma has evolved its practices over time to dovetail into the everchanging knowledge-based practices that form the backbone of successful organisations. It’s experience of more than two decades of enhancing business processes across industry verticals segments has enabled it to be a front-runner in Digitisation space. Over the years Jayatma has developed a wide-ranging data transformation and processing services. It is uniquely positioned in handling sensitive data and data formats. Jayatma’s Data to Knowledge services spans across industry, public personalities as well as government departments.


Business Process Management

Managing processed is a highly complex requirement of every business. Automation of processes and making them simplex from complex is what our Business Process Management services offer. At Jayatma we understand complete business requirements beforehand to recommend and design compatible solutions. We have dedicated and experience team to look after online-offline data entry, image entry and other data processing activities. These services help in generating insight out of the pool of data. With the help of our data validation and process atomization tools processes are effective and quick that in turn result higher ROI.

Digitization & Data Processing

Data Digitization at times is the sole service required. This conversion of legacy data to a processed form that can be integrated into required systems is critical to enterprise-wide success of technology systems. In such cases the quantity, diversity and many times the condition of data needs to be treated with skill and process that need a very careful application of methodology. Jayatma processes all types of documents using multi-functional, high - speed latest technology professional scanners. Jayatma has its own platform to enable greenfield implementation of Digitized Data at an organisation to enable it to jump start its operations using the newly created data.

Records Management Solution

Physical data archival in accordance to compliance of respective industries is an aspect where Jayatma has developed processes and solutions that have benefitted organisations across many sectors. End to end physical records management and warehousing that is implemented with Records Management Solution is one of Jayatma’s core business. Its record management cycle involves physical data collection, segregation, barcoding, storage and for instant retrieval. Record Management System is indigenously developed to manage complete process cycle.