IT infrastructure


IT Infrastructure earlier was merely about adequate internet speed, higher configuration systems and intranet but with the continuously evolving digital eco-systems here comes an entirely new list of more intelligent IT solution needs. We have created a whole new era of digital transformation and we crave more in upcoming future. Our intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions are at par with cutting-edge technical advancements benefitting businesses in achieving the zest to respond smarter and quicker to all their digital infrastructure needs. Bringing intelligence in all our IT Infrastructure solutions is our core competency and making us stand out among competitors. Our two decades of technology legacy along with 360° one stop technical solutions are smarter to cater complete IT Infrastructure needs.




Enterprise Network Solutions

In the digital world Networks are the most critical aspect of any organization. Multiple devices, IoT, sensors all converge on to a Network that's expected to be efficient, fast, compatible and flexible to adept to the constantly growing requirements of any business. Jayatma provides digital transformation and future ready Cloud, WiFi, LAN solutions. Jayatma has expertise in Software-Defined Access, Software-Defined Networking in a Wide Area Network, Digital Network Access Control, Identity Services Engine, MERAKI for large enterprises, Government departments and Public Sector Undertakings.

Security & Safety

Surveillance & Security Solutions

There is the growing need for surveillance and security in all the industries, homes and offices. With technological advancements comes the new threats that can affect not only the hardware and systems but can also leak the data and business secretes, important information, that none which to happen. We have multiple security solutions like Audio or Video surveillance, Intrusion detection system, Motion detectors, Finger Prints authorization devises, Access Management system, Perimeter detection systems, High-end Firewalls for data security, and many more to address versatile customer and business needs that suits best.

Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions

As we look into futuristic technologies and digital challenges, we discover new challenges in designing Data Centers highly converged to the present as well as upcoming changes. Designing and implementing such hyper-converged data center has been our forte. We have designed, devised and networked cost-efficient, power-efficient, energy-efficient, hassle-free, max-white space provider, secured and highly powerful data centers with least manual interventions at multiple industries corporate, PSUs and government pan India that can be easily compliant to multi-cloud environment, all thanks to our well-equipped and veteran team.


Unified Communication

The integration of versatile communication systems fixed or mobile with more intelligent and advanced features is known as Unified communication system. At Jayatma we have multiple such solutions that improve and establish better, faster and collaborative communication between two or among multiple teams globally. Our latest Unified communication technologies have taken place of all the available traditional mode of communications such as Smart phones, Laptops, Letters, PDAs, SMS, Chat bots, Email, Video Calls, Video Conferencing, e-mail, voice mails, etc. and also helped integrating them effectively and securely.

IT Peripherals

Power-based Infra Management

World’s most intelligent Network systems replay on power connectivity, however with the help of our Power-based Infrastructure management services business will be able to operate effectively without any downtime. No power fluctuation means more productivity and quick responses. We at Jayatma have such multiple solutions catered and customized on the basis of specific needs of our customers. Such solutions are inclusive of but not limited to UPS (SPS, Line Interactive, and Double Converged Online UPS), and Power Distribution Units (Rack PDU, Metered PDU, Monitored PDU, Ordinary PDU, Metered PDU and Switched PDU).


Building Automation Systems

There are multiple big corporate buildings and Industrial units and it is essential to atomize the accesses, security, safety and interactions, this is why our BAS solutions are designed with the help of all latest technologies available. We at Jayatma provide a complete BAS solution that makes secured, centralized and power-efficient management, monitoring and processing of business operations possible. Such solutions are easily integrated with Access Control system, Elevators, HVAC control system, Cooling Systems, Air Systems, Ventilators, Power-supply equipment, Lights, etc. BAS do help in analyse need of energy saving.


Structured Cabling

In today’s smart and digital era, high connectivity is the biggest challenge and most demanding requirement of every industry. Majorly communication devices, data centers, and power based equipment are the systems which need continuous and high connectivity and hence well structure cabling becomes an integral part of IT Infra. Our Structure cabling solutions range from copper cables, fibre optic cables which are best in quality and durability also, our team work as per the pre-designed auto-cad plan that helps in tracing the cables layout and understand the specific needs related to structured cabling.


Audio Visual Solutions

The atomization and integration of various audio, video systems, lighting, projector systems, displays, etc. is known as AV systems. We at Jayatma offer multiple AV products and services which are customizable on the basis business and industrial requirements. Our AV solutions include Board room AV systems, Video conferencing, projector rooms, web meetings, Auditorium solutions, training rooms, Online Learning rooms, tele-conference rooms, interactive and digital signage, Home Theatre systems, digital command and control centres, etc. Our AV products are next age digital transformation and we are implementing them.


Fire & Safety Solutions

Safety is always an integral part of any business operation whether it is about human or infrastructure. Out Fire suspension and safety products are highly reliable and of super grade quality. From designing solutions to implementation, to audit Jayatma is assiduous to complete customer satisfaction. We have multiple solutions in this category such as Fire Detection system, fire suspension system, Fire resistant doors, and fire proof flooring installation, Fire and emergency alarm system, Smock detection system and Voice control evacuation system. We are extra cautious that all our critical incident management systems are user-friendly.