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Jayatma Technologies owns fully equiped office space of more than 100,00 Sq. Ft., all our branches taken together.

  Major Locations
Development Center
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  Apart from other locations in India, we have capabilities to quickly create fully functional infrastructure to serve business needs in large parts of India.
  IT Infrastructure

We use latest and optimized hardware, IT infrastructure solutions and other required devices for our delivery. Our teams are equipped with all required softwares. We also put a lot of thurst on open-source solutions, and employ them in our day to day work.

The infrastrcture is supported by excellent internet connectivity, with adequate fail-over options, to ensure business continuity. Our capability to create test beds dynamically, based on capacity requirements, ensures that our delivery matches standards and industry benchmarks.

Depending upon the criticality of the area and the services within, different types of physical and access restrictions have been imposed within delivery centers so that our clients can be absolutely certain that their data, systems and processes and other confidential information, including IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights) do not get circulated, inadvertently or on purpose.

We have implemented Data Security and Access Control software in our facility, which implements industry standard encryption to client data confidential and secured. Enough attention is paid to secure data in removable media as well as the data-on-go.

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