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In today’s world Mobile Phones and organizers are being used for variety of purposes rather than traditional use of simply making or receiving calls. Mobile Phones are rather becoming an important tool of communication be it voice, data or information.


Mobile Phones have become flexible terminals for huge range of applications like E-Ticketing, E- Brokerage, E- Banking and availability of information like weather forecast, economic data, news etc.

Mobile Commerce provides software solutions through the use of information technologies and communication technologies for the purpose of mobile integration of different value chains and business processes, and for the purpose of management of business relationships.

Mobile commerce solutions mean mobile terminals such as cell phones and organizers can now be used to access the Internet. The benefits for your company include the following

. Internet offerings are easier and more convenient to access
. Considerable flexibility while conducting business transactions
. Lower transaction and personnel
. Field staffs are more effective because they have flexible access to internal corporate data
. Investment security and independence from platforms (terminals, servers) and network operators through the use of open standards

JTPL develops solutions for mobile commerce that are tailored to your specific corporate objectives and are integrated into your company's electronic commerce and IT infrastructure.

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